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Professional Manufacturer of Panel  CNC Nesting Drilling Machine In 16 Years .

Customized  Production, Super Quality, Worry-Free Service 

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Company Vision

Company Vision

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Providing woodworking industry comprehensive solutions both informational and intellectualize products.


Maximizing our client's profit and team value.


Customer first, team second, sincere and enthusiastic service, open sharing.


Be proud to support customers and ashamed to deviate from customers!

Be proud of the teamwork and ashamed of individualism!

Be proud of gratitude and ashamed of selfishness!

Be proud of being honest and trustworthy, and be ashamed of being false and dishonest!

Be proud of your responsibility, and be ashamed of your excuses and complaints!

Be proud of saving costs and ashamed of wasting resources!

Be proud of being timely and quick, and be ashamed of procrastinating!

Be proud of the innovation and shamed of no aggressiveness.



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